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Tod Campbell – Center Sandwich

Susan and I have enjoyed help from Jaci Dussault for over a decade. We began pursuing our dream of having a house on Squam long ago, really before we could afford it or truly knew where we wanted it to be. Jaci helped us look at a number of houses over an 8 year period, each time sharing with us her knowledge of the house, the surrounding community and the towns that share Squam Lake. She had an excellent knowledge of them all and it helped us continue to narrow in on what would satisfy our dream. In 2007 we returned to a house we had seen almost a year and a half before, and with Jaci’s help, all things came together and this has become our “Aisling” (Gaelic for dream). Jaci has continued to provide us detailed real estate knowledge over the years to help with two refinances and we always enjoy her annual update booklet to explore houses around the lake. Jaci has an in depth knowledge of the Squam area and has represented sales all around the lake. I have recommended her several times for people pursuing both sales and rentals.